CTV, Global ready to cut loose A and E! channels

It is indeed ironic: while running a high profile multi-media campaign to save local news, both Global and CTV admit publicly their strategies to create secondary channels, has failed and they likely will go under, taking their local newscasts with them. First billed as hip alternatives to stodgy mainstream channels, both filed to find significant audiences and neither parent company is interested in buying new programming for them for the fall. Let the death watch begin.

Globe and Mail, June 4 2009

Feds ponder help for small stations

The Globe reports today that the feds are considering a $150 million fund for news for small TV stations. Considering that both CTV and Global have put up their secondary string of A and E channels, this might be good news for them, allowing them to either find a buyer or get them off the chopping block. Sill no new money for CBC though.

Globe and Mail, April 8 2009

CanWest puts E! up for sale

As darkness continues to gloom over CanWest’s financial state, today they announced they are selling five small over the air tv stations in Montreal, Hamilton, Red Deer, Kelowna and Victoria. And if they can’t find a buyer at a reasonable price, they’ll be shut down as CanWest desperately tries to shed debt dating back to their purchase of Southam from Conrad Black. More likely they’ll be shut down; who wants to buy money losing property in the midst of a financial recession? And more reporters will lose their job.

Globe and Mail, Feb. 6 2009