Canada’s Privacy Commissioner takes on Facebook

Privacy in the digital age is a huge issue, as is the right of national governments to legislate a world-wide phenomenon. The latest today is that Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has given 30 days to clean up its act and strengthen privacy, while apparently choking down on access. Likely another great fight, but one worthy of having. A lot of this comes down to the individual’s right to disclose as much as they want to about themselves, but not enough people are reading the fine print of the agreements they sign and don’t realize just who is getting access to their info.

Globe and Mail, July 17 2009

Backlash against Facebook and other New Media

Well, it had to happen. CTV takes a good whack at Facebook, essentially calling it boring and a time-waster. This is after Doonesbury spent a week taking the mickey out of Twitter, through its all too callow reporter Roland Hedley (who lost major money on theĀ  “new” technology of the Internet in 1999 with his online presence Anyway, I wonder whether this is just the ongoing theological argument between MSM and NM, or in fact the reality that too much of the New Media is untested and unproven, and heavily fad-driven. Yes, Ipods and Blackberries have made significant cultural differences, but often on the bones of other new technologies that just didn’t find a market.

CTV, March 15 2009

Criminal Charges for Alleged Facebook Fraud

A Manitoba youth has been charged with a criminal offence for impersonating one of his teachers in the popular social networking site Facebook.

While a number of people have been charged with civil offences for false Facebook entries, this is the first instance of someone facing jail time.

The Canadian statute defining personation specifies that the charge only applies if the impersonator intends to either personally profit or to harm his victim in the process.

The article is in the May 6, 2008 Globe and Mail, page L1.