Ezra Levant loses libel case

A judge, we’re not sure from which court, has ruled Ezra Levant has defamed a lawyer for the Canadian Human Rights Commission; he was fined $25,o00 and ordered to take his comments off his web site. The judge cited Levant’s “reckless indifference” to accuracy in the case, and noted Levant’s actions don’t fall within the “responsible communications” guidelines of the Supreme Court, like checking for facts. The right has been tilting at human rights commissions for a couple of years, blithely indifferent to the fact that the commissions have to work within the law, and all their decisions are appealable to a true court, protecting citizens from careless decisions or personal crusades.

J-Source, November 23 2010

Maclean’s wins hate case, again

For the third time, a human rights commission has ruled that Maclean’s and Mark Steyn’s story were not hate speech. So, how many times does this have to go to a human rights commission? You would think once would be enough. Needs to be some federal/provincial co-ordination on these things. Surely human rights under the Canadian constitution can’t vary too significantly from province to province.

National Post, Oct. 11 2008