We like local, bad news

For centuries media have been criticized for being negative and obsessed about our local area (and for centuries people have bought news that is negative and local.) Thanks to J-source for citing a U of Missouri psychological study that says, guess what: we are hard-wired to prefer negative, local news. Thus, even though crime ratesĀ  have been coming down for decades and we’ve never been safer, a local shooting gets the front page. Doesn’t mean we need to give in to our baser urges, though; we can still demand broader and more international news.

sciencedaily.com, August 27 2009

Networks lobby for more local news cutbacks

Within two weeks of CRTC announcing a new $61 million fund for small-market (under one million people) outlets to beef up local news programming, the three major television networks are already lobbying CRTC to cut costs by cutting budgets (i.e. staff) for local news broadcasts. Write the CRTC: don’t fall for this.

Globe and Mail, Nov. 24 2008