Feds worry about listeriosis media

CP, using Freedom of Information law, has discovered a high degree of concern among federal officials about the media coverage of the Maple Leaf listeriosis outbreak. While Maple Leaf gets high marks for its openness and candor on the issue, CP is critical of the feds for being more concerned about image than containment of the outbreak. As former professor of risk communications, there are three steps in managing this kind of scenario:

1. Risk Assessment. What the heck is going on, which is difficult in a moving situation.

2. Risk Management. Based on what we know of it, how do we manage it? i.e. withdraw product, close down lines, vaccinate etc.

3. Risk communications. Now that we roughly know what caused it and what we recommend to do about it, communicate it, targeting those people mostly at risk.

Canadian Press/Canoe, Dec. 2 2008

Maple Leaf PR: praise and pans

While Maple Leaf is getting good coverage for the way it’s handling the listeria crisis, some in the blogosphere take a dimmer view. Check out the Financial Post (for) and Warren Kinsella (against, concommitant with a small political firestorm.) Scroll down on Kinsella.

Financial Post, August 26 2008

Warren Kinsella’s blog