Ottawa announces “new” funding for media

Actually, it just seems to be a re-announcement of funding for new media, combining two existing programs into one. What I find interesting about this though is how it conflicts with the federal comments two posts down, in which the Finance Minister says the government is not going into the business of subsidizing media. And I thought these guys had a centralized, c0-ordinated communications system set up just so Cabinet Ministers wouldn’t conflict with each other publicly.

CTV, March 9 2009

Magazine fund details announced

The federal government announced changes to how its funding for Canadian magazines is going to work out; it does make me ask, as some media commentators are also asking, if it’s ok to subsidize Canadian magazines going through the same ad crunch every else is, why not include newspapers in the same package?

Meanwhile, I’m holding off commentary on the Supreme Court case on libel and CRTC’s mulling of regulating the new media until the decisions are in. MSM is doing a good job of covering both and I have nothing to add.

Globe and Mail, Feb. 18 2009