In defence of the CBC’s new look

I know, it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. In fact, it’s Peter McNelly, who has some good arguments in favor of the new look and more importantly the more in-depth journalism being offered on The National, as well as some damning stats on the Big Three’s major demographic, the over 55 market, which I’ve always argued is a good market to go to (rich, smart, more money to spend than young people burdened with debt.)

Also of interest in this article is a link to a blog of disgruntled CBC’ers called Teamakers. There’s a similar site for disgruntled ex-Sun staffers, which I’ve lost track of. There doesn’t seem to be any profession more disgruntled than ex-journalists.

J-Source, Nov. 3 2009

CBC spends big on new look

Well, they hired a US consultant to add US glitz and hype to their newscast, now for Saturday and today have bought no less than three full page ads each day in the National Post, their newspaper partner. Will it work? We’ll find out in about six months when the ratings come in and it’s no longer a novelty.

Sunmedia, October 26 2009