Newspapers drive blogs; newspapers disappearing. What next?

A Pew report notes that, in a study done in one week in Baltimore last year, newspapers (including weekly and specialty) continue to drive news coverage in all media, including blogs. The study refers to “the echo chamber of the Web”, in which most of that which is posted is uncommented on linkage.

Meanwhile, another study from Harris shows that 77 per cent of Americans won’t pay to read newspapers on the web. With traditional circulation falling, what happens to the blogosphere when the source of all news, the much-maligned newspaper, goes under?

Pew, January 11 2010

Harris, January 13 2010

U.S. newspaper editors befuddled by new technology

A Pew survey of 250 newspaper editors shows that only five per cent can foresee how the web/new media will affect their newspapers over the next five years. And there’s a fifty/fifty split as to whether the new media is or is not a threat to traditional newspapers. Frankly, the papers can’t seem to even get the Net right; too many of them just post their stuff first thing in the morning and let it stand all day, as if it was just another weird type of newspapers (the 24 hour TV and radio news guys get it, though; they constantly update their news through the day.) You can find the links to the Pew study at the end of the story.

Canoe/AP, 11 September 2008