Americans access news from many platforms: Pew study

The helpful people at Pew have done another study on American news habits, this time showing that only seven per cent of people get their news from one source; most access five or six different types of news media a day, shifting between mainstream and “new” media. Oddly enough, local television and national television news are still the favorites before internet, and 34 per cent of Americans get their news off their cellphone. Complete study below; it’s worth a look to find out how people are getting their news in the multi-platform media.

Pew/, March 1 2010

Teens giving up blogs, Twitter: US report

It looks like social media are turning into the media of choice for teens, according to another Pew study on media use in the US.  Teen blogging is down 50 per cent over the past three years, and only eight per cent of teens Twitter. Short updates on Facebook and heavy dependence on texting via cell phone seem to drive teens more than the somewhat longer form blogs allow for. You’d think Twitter would fit the teen attitude, but they seem to have decided that it is a better medium for celebrities and corporations than them.

Washington Post, February 4 2010