MSM still more trusted than social/digital media

Notwithstanding certain elements of public opinion that views “lame” mainstream media as overwhelmingly dead, defunct, decease and demised, a recent UBC poll shows that in fact newspaper, television, online news and radio news are all more trusted than any other news source. That’s probably why these “old” technologies continue to exist, if not thrive, despite the digital revolution. Young people continue to have higher levels of trust in social media, but even they still put the dinosaurs of technology at the top of the trusted list. I suspect a simple reason is that professional reporters have higher standards of what and how to report than does bloggerworld, where all opinion is unfiltered, unchallenged and so forth.

Canadians flock to social media

Canada NewsWire (CNW) and Leger Marketing released a survey of 1500 Canadians and found that we really like social media, particularly Facebook and YouTube. Even the old folks (45 plus) use them for news and information. One intriguing finding for advertiseres — and the journalists who rely on ad dollars to stay employed: 31 per cent of users say social media is more credible than advertising. This isn’t a good thing when lack of ad dollars is killing MSM.

CNW/Leger, April 7 2009

Canadian execs say yes to social media as marketing tool

A Pollara poll shows that, notwithstanding the economic downturn, 82 per cent of Canadian executives want to spend as much as ever on social media or more. Facebook is the big prize among Canadians.

Facebook has established itself as Canada’s dominant social network. Among Canadians who use social media, 87 per cent say they have tried Facebook, compared with 33 per cent for MySpace and 13 per cent for Twitter.

Pollara, 16 December 2008