Bay Street gives sign of support for newspapers

Torstar saw its shares rise almost 20 per cent in one day yesterday when a bank analyst upgraded it as a potential investment. TD Newcrest rated it “action list buy”,  the  highest ranking TD assigns to a stock. Interestingly, TD rates the community weekly newspapers Torstar owns, not its flagship daily, as the main driver of corporate revenue. Investors have just bought a huge amount of stock; wonder how the other chains will fare (outside bankrupt Canwest) as their quarterlies come out, particularly Quebecor, whose Sun chain has been struggling with advertisers for some time.

Financial Post, March 3 2010

Globe slags CBC 2 (and 3, for good measure)

Globe columnist Russell Smith had some venom in his Wheaties this morning, as he takes several head shots at CBC 2’s new programming, based on low ratings from BBM. Personally, I’d give CBC 2 at least a year to find an audience, which in may very well do, despite Mr. Smith’s self-admitted Schadenfreude. I’m not sure what’s up with CBC-3, Mothercorp’s attempt to reach the youth audience, which has more  than enough options to choose from between commercial radio and new media. CBC 1’s doing fine though; do we really need 2 and 3?

Globe and Mail, December 18 2008