NDP slams Shaw’s bid on Global

It’s nice to see that media concentration in Canada is getting some attention from the political level. Arcane rules against foreign ownership make it very unlikely that anyone other than Canadian big business can buy an entity like Global. Bay Street is equally cautious, noting that Global is a high risk investment. Still, it’s only $65 million, which is chump change for a highly regulated monopoly. Here’s some advice to the new owners of Global TV: if you want to make money off this, why not put stuff on it that people actually want to watch? And that includes stuff happening locally.

Toronto Sun, Feb. 14 2010

Shaw ups ante in cable/over the air dispute

The Globe reports that Shaw cable has bought the three small A channels CTV was selling, for $1 each (Brandon, Wingham and and Windsor). CTV (and CanWest) have been claiming that the small stations are losing money. Shaw, which has said it is interested in Global’s  small satations, insists it it making money on its small station in Kenora Ont. I smell a rat here. I think Shaw is buying them to show the CRTC that small stations can make money, and therefore CTV and Global shouldn’t get the carriage fees they’ve been demanding. (and Shaw spent more on a full page ad in today’s Globe, pointing out that you and I pay the carriage fees, meaning higher cable/satellite bills.)

“Maybe it’s time that we look at TV different in Canada,” Mr. Shaw said. “There’s lots of bright people around in Canada, and because [the networks] can’t figure it out is not our issue.”

Globe and Mail, May 1 2009