Quebecor folds Canoe into Sun papers

Quebecor announced today in a news release replete with corporate jargon that Canoe is moving into the Sun newspaper chain. From this will emerge synergies, multidisciplinary teams, launching from multiple platforms and so on. I wish they just admitted they had a bad model and are working to fix it. As for launching from multiple platforms, I vaguely recall Conrad Black saying that the new Hollinger was going to do that after the sale of Southam to the Aspers. Since then, the only launching from multiple platforms Lord Black has been doing is launching appeals from his Florida prison cell.

Marketwire, May 13 2009

CBC, Sun in Freedom of Information tangle

Now that federal Crown Corporations such as CBC are subject to Freedom of Information laws, the Sun newspaper chain has been bombarding them with requests, highlighting executive spending (wonder how much the Sun spends on its executives; since it is private sector, we’ll never know). Anyway, the CBC is getting rather defensive about all this.

Canadian Press, Nov. 25 2008