Teens giving up blogs, Twitter: US report

It looks like social media are turning into the media of choice for teens, according to another Pew study on media use in the US.  Teen blogging is down 50 per cent over the past three years, and only eight per cent of teens Twitter. Short updates on Facebook and heavy dependence on texting via cell phone seem to drive teens more than the somewhat longer form blogs allow for. You’d think Twitter would fit the teen attitude, but they seem to have decided that it is a better medium for celebrities and corporations than them.

Washington Post, February 4 2010

Backlash against Facebook and other New Media

Well, it had to happen. CTV takes a good whack at Facebook, essentially calling it boring and a time-waster. This is after Doonesbury spent a week taking the mickey out of Twitter, through its all too callow reporter Roland Hedley (who lost major money on the  “new” technology of the Internet in 1999 with his online presence Yap.com). Anyway, I wonder whether this is just the ongoing theological argument between MSM and NM, or in fact the reality that too much of the New Media is untested and unproven, and heavily fad-driven. Yes, Ipods and Blackberries have made significant cultural differences, but often on the bones of other new technologies that just didn’t find a market.

CTV, March 15 2009