Wikipedia losing editors

Wall Street Journal reports that, the fifth most popular web site in the world, is losing millions of the volunteer editors who actually write, edit and police the entries. They’ve suffered a net loss of 49,000 editors in the first three months of 2009, compared to a loss of 4,900 a year earlier. That’s always been one of the more troubling aspects of the new media, it’s short attention span until the next hot program/site comes out.

From BNA Legal & Business Publishing, Nov. 24 2009

MSM fall for Wikipedia hoax

An Irish student put a phony quote inĀ  Wikipedia obit on Oscar-winning composer Maurice Jaure to see if any MSM would use it. They did in droves and most (but not all) have apologized. The point? To reinforce the notion that MSM and the blogosphere should check the facts before logging on to one site and going with it, particularly an open site like Wikipedia. Teachers and professors advise their students to go on Wikipedia if they want, but only to use it as a starting point to more authoritative sources. Media and bloggers should do the same.

Canoe/AP, May 11 2009