Media and communications organizations


Canadian Public Relations Society:;

International Assocation of Business Communicators:

Public Relations Society of America:


Canadian Association of Journalists:

Canadian Press, Canada’s newsgathering collective, with services for communicators:

Media Management

The Canadian Newspaper Association represents the interests of the owners and managers of Canadian Daily Newspapers.

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters does the same for radio/television broadcasters.

The Canadian Community Newspaper Association represents community/rural/suburban weekly newspapers.

The Canadian Magazine Publishers Associations, for magazines.

New media

Media Bloggers’ Association, brings together bloggers, sets standards for members and advocates for bloggers.


The Canadian Journalism Project (CJP) and its websites, (English) and (French), are projects of The Canadian Journalism Foundation.

The Canadian Communication Association is a bilingual, national organization founded in 1980 that brings together communication teachers, researchers and professionals from the university, government and private enterprise sectors.

Project for Excellence in Journalism, US based group monitoring media practices and arguing for better journalistic practices:

Center for Media and Democracy: US based group monitoring communications and PR practice:

Media Education

Association of Media Literacy, targeting media education for youth:

Canadian media educator Barry Duncan runs a bulletin also focusing on youth, but expanding to wider topics: Barry’s Bulletin.

Media Awareness Network, Canadian non-profit group with heavy emphasis on teachers and librarians. Media Awareness Network.


Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC): CRTC

2 Responses

  1. Je cherche une formation sur les nouveaux medias à Montréal, Québec.

    Des Idées?

    • I would check with the universities first: McGill, Universite de Montreal, UQTR are some of the ones I know that have good media/communications courses.

      Bill Carney Regina SK Author: In the News, The Practice of Media Relations in Canada (2nd Edition, University of Alberta Press, 2008)

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