Palin blames media

Sarah Palin continues her fight against media, noting that the treatment political tyro Caroline Kennedy is getting in her search for an appointment to the US Senate is kid gloves compared to what she got as a Vice-Presidential candidate. She has a point; Kennedy is vacuous and inexperienced, with nothing but a prominent name behind her. Palin at least served in muncipal and state politics. It reminds me of Lyndon Johnson’s quote about the best and brightest administation JFK left him, the one that got him into Vietnam: “I wish just one of them had run for dogcatcher once.” Political experience is necessary before stepping up to a big time political job. Even then it’s no guarantee of success.

msnbc, Jan. 9 2009

Post whallops CBC, again

This time with a little more behind it than the usual CBC bashing by the National Post. Jonathan Kay tears a strip off Mother Corp for running a story on Sarah Palin two days after simple logic showed that Sarah Palin’s daughter could not have born the fifth child of Gov. Palin (how can a girl who’s five months pregnant manage to have delivered a child four months ago?) Anyway, to pile it on, the letter pages have a few slams at the new CBC Two format (I’ll wait a while until the new format is established before I comment on it.)

National Post, September 4 2008