MSM/blogosphere starting to come to terms

Albeit with fear, loathing and mutual suspicion. Nevertheless, the Associated Press is meeting with a blogging group to hammer out some guidelines in which AP stories can be linked to blogs. Copyright law is remarkably vague on concepts such as fair comment and reasonable use; this sounds like a good attempt to set some parameters around an undefined relationship.

The Washington Post, June 17, 2008

New copyright legislation tabled

Long awaited and highly contentious (CTV website had 200 comments in the first two hours since it was released today), new copyright legislation intends to deal with downloading from the web. This will generate enough coverage that I don’t need to repeat or echo what others are saying. I thought instead I would add to the debate by linking to the Industry Canada’s news release and backgrounder, and give the government a chance to make its case while the advocates and opponents rail at it.

Industry Canada, June 12, 2008