Yahoo beats NBC in Olympic hits

According to ComScore, “Yahoo’s Olympics-devoted site received 32 million unique visitors during the two-week event. NBC’s Olympics site drew 18.9 million unique visitors.” On the plus side, NBC tripled its net hits from 2006.

Canoe/AP March8 2010

If you enjoy a rant….

… then you’ll enjoy a collection of rants. This from Topic: NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, particularly what it chooses to broadcast live, and how much tape delay there is. Interesting; I thought NBC poured millions into research of coverage of the Beijing Olympics to figure out who to deliver what content on what platform, but they still seem to be stuck in traditonal TV broadcast mode: we’ll show the best story in primetime, and who cares what the results are, as long as we’ve got a heartwarming story to tell.

Deadspin, Feb. 17 2010