Recent research

I define recent as within the last couple of years. Researchers should cross reference this page with the Journals and Trade Magazine page, as well as the tag Research. From time to time, I will post items of specific interest, such as Our Lives in Digital Times, a fascinating study from Stats Canada pulling together 20 years of data to prove conclusively that new media (email, electronic office, cell phones) do not displace “old” media (regular mail, paper-filled office and landline telephones.)

Three major ongoing pages are Stats Canada, the Pew Institute and, which is more on the ad/marketing side than the news side, but still of interest.  If there are more, please post me or email me at

Links to key research organizations

Statistics Canada site is on Communications and Information Technology (ICT) and leads to many other sites within Stats Canada. Some reports are free, some are fee-based.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project is constantly researching how IT is affecting American Life. Ad/marketing mainly.

Articles of Interest

Our Lives in Digital Times

Public Trust in MSM and NM: Ipsos Reid. June 2, 2008

Young Adults hit by “Information Fatigue”: international poll, June 8, 2008

International newspaper sales rising: International conference, June 8, 2008

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